Crime is running rampant, assault,  kidnapping, murder! Every day the headlines are filled with stories about college girls and elderly women abducted and raped or murdered, average citizens who are robbed by thugs and hoodlums, and children who are sexually assaulted by pedophiles. Don't leave yourself and those you love defenseless! Don't be a statistic! Don't be a victim!

Protect yourself and the ones you love.  A stun gun is a powerful deterrent to would-be assailants. Stun guns are NON-LETHAL and deliver up to 1.9 MILLION VOLTS as an electric shock that  will stop any attacker in their tracks. Just the sound of a million volts of  hellfire electricity crackling between the test electrodes is enough to terrify most criminals.

EVERY FEMALE 13 AND OVER SHOULD HAVE ONE FOR SELF-PROTECTION ! ! Don't let your wife, daughter, mother, or sister fall victim to a terrible crime. Give them the means to defend themselves! Give them a stun gun from Hellfire Stun Guns today.


1 YEAR UNLIMITED WARRANTY - If your stun gun breaks or malfunctions for any reason within the first 12 months, we will replace it absolutely FREE !  
If you purchased your stungun at a show or on this website prior to June 1, 2012 your warrantee will be honored by Jay Johnston - he may be reached at 817-307-1217 - If you made your purchase on  this web site after June 1, 2012 your warrantee will be honored by Jonathan Van Voorhees - 469-441-8771

IF YOU'RE A WOMAN - DON'T WAIT FOR A MAN'S HELP - PROTECT YOURSELF ! A stun gun could save your life or prevent you from being a victim of sexual assault - A stun gun gives you the edge you need to repel would-be attackers. Don't wait until you need help to take action, buy your  stun gun NOW !

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